Contemporary Music Theatre Festival

Musiktheatertage Wien

Musiktheatertage Wien is always looking for new connections between music, text, space, technology, artists.

The festival, which takes place annually in September, offers ambitious and forward-looking in-house, guest and co-productions. It uses the possibilities of contemporary music theatre to create an unconventional approach to relevant themes. As an international festival for new music theatre, it commissions and creates new projects and connects the national with the international scene.

MTTW is a space for experience.

Step into another world: as a place of encounter, inspiration and participation, Musiktheatertage Wien brings the experience of contemporary music theatre into a relaxed setting.

MTTW is discursive.

Topics that move the world need space for debate and discourse.

MTTW breaks with conventions.

The festival opens up to different styles of music and discovers new ones. It adapts new technologies, media and formats. The performance formats range from classical frontal theatre to innovative VR experiences, and beyond.

MTTW creates artistic impulses.

With its in-house productions, co-productions and commissions, the festival sets its own artistic impulses and provides impetus for new developments in music theatre.

MTTW is crossing borders.

In collaboration with international artists, the festival shows different cultural approaches.

MTTW is connecting.

The AUSTRIAN MUSIC THEATRE DAY connects young artists of the Austrian music and music theatre scene with organisers and international producers in a conference.

Musiktheatertage Wien

Socially relevant discourse and dialogue

It offers a sophisticated and trend-setting mix of national and international own, guest and co-productions, which stimulates socially relevant discourse and dialogue. The program offers artistic freedom for interdisciplinary and genre-crossing appointments of music, theatre and performance. Through its artistic orientation, the Musiktheatertage make a relevant and contemporary contribution to society.

We commission and create new music theatre projects, network the national with the international music theatre scene and address a young target group with workshops and low-threshold access. We make contemporary music theatre accessible and accessible to a broad audience through topical themes, participatory formats, a diverse mediation and supporting program and the festival feeling that goes with it.