Angélica Castelló


Body / Music / Theater

World Premiere

A production of MUSIKTHEATERTAGE WIEN in cooperation with Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien (MUK) and Modeschule Hetzendorf.

The body does not care about your civilizing efforts. It is made by life itself. It has its unchangeable laws. It is a condensation of the life force. It wants to accommodate, express and pass on life. It wants to do what it was made for. The body is beyond morality, beyond your constructs and it does not want to obey them. It comes from the unknown and there it goes. In between he wants to fight for his potential and laugh at his domteurs.

The civilization of the body is a necessary form of implementing structures, at least from the point of view of those who profit from the political and economic power structures. Through prohibitions, regulations and moral principles, forms of behavior are defined to ensure that the individual becomes and remains a functioning part of the collective entity. We dance for you a dance of lustful, disobedient nonchalance.
In DE*CIVILIZE ME! choreographer Anna Knapp and composer and sound artist Angélica Castelló research forms and facets of the civilization of the human body. They explore the physical civilization processes in their microstructures and examine the psychosocial mechanisms of implementation. Based on this, they develop artistic offers for the "de-civilization" of the body.

Duration: 30 minutes
In German language

Dancers/Performers: Christina Ebner, Amina Kampichler, Milena Kapfer, Cora Kartmann, Jeanne Laktits, Adela Maharani, Melina Papoulia, Flora Renhardt Music performance, electronics: Angélica Castelló Composition/sound design: Angélica Castell Choreography and spatial concept: Anna Knapp Choreography collaboration :Katharina Senk Lighting design :Joe Albrecht Idea : AnnaKnapp, Georg Steker