Displace | MTTW 2015

Raquel García-Tomás, Joan Magrané Figuera


Urban development Barcelona 2015

World Premiere

in co-production with Òpera de Butxaca i Nova Creació, Barcelona Institut Ramon Llull

In disPLACE, the two Catalan composers Raquel García-Tomás and Joan Magrané Figuera draw a musical picture of one and the same theme - the gentrification of downtown Barcelona, but from two contrasting perspectives. For this work, author Helena Tornero has written a libretto about the impending "tourist sellout" of her hometown.

To what extent, especially in view of global developments, is everything for the individual only a question of one's own attitude: either to profit from the economic and political decisions of the free market or to be discriminated against by it?

Text: Helena Tornero Music: Joan Magrané Figuera (1st part), Raquel García-Tomás* (2nd part) Direction: Peter Pawlik Stage: Alexandra Burgstaller Lighting: Harald Michlits Assistant Director: Stefan Suppanschitz Idea and Overall Direction : Georg Steker With: Elena Copons (soprano), Sébastien Soules (baritone), Benedek Nagy (performer) Musicians of the Ensemble PHACE