HEILIGER ZORN/ detuned | 2023


A music theatre about time and wrath: The saint against a king


Anger and rage as metaphors of strong feeling fuel this play about the historical conflict between the angry King Henry II Plantagenet and his later canonised Chancellor and Archbishop Thomas Becket almost a thousand years ago. It is the story of a loss of control with tragic consequence.

For this year's opening piece, young people, author Thomas Ballhausen and composer Thomas Cornelius Desi have explored the theme of anger. An old French verse epic on Becket is juxtaposed with a new text, and medieval book illustrations appear as tableaux vivants. This "Mysterienspieles 2.0" is musically arranged by a slider chest organ, electric guitar, an 8-channel audio system, choir and two solo voices.

A production of the MUSIKTHEATERTAGE WIEN in cooperation with the Wiener Hofmusikkapelle.

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Composition, direction, overall lead: Thomas Cornelius Desi | Texts: Thomas Ballhausen, Guernes de Pont-Sainte-Maxence | Youth Choir: Pupils of the AkG Beethovenplatz | Choir direction: Isabella Lang | With: Marie Annick Béliveau (alto), Andrew Golder (speaker), Kenji Herbert (electric guitar), Alexander Kaimbacher (tenor), Johannes Zeinler (organ) | Text projections: Peter Koger | Sound reinforcement, audio engineering, recording: Malte Haag, Georg Hühnerfuß | Costumes: Katharina Kappert | Assistant Director: Natascha Sulz, Thomas Neulichedl | Production: MUSIKTHEATERTAGE WIEN in cooperation with the Wiener Hofmusikkapelle


Thomas Cornelius Desi (AT)


Vienna Hofburgkapelle
Hofburg-Swiss Court, 1010 Vienna
  • Preis: € 25 Full / € 15 Reduced / € 10 CARE
  • Sprache: German, English, Old French, Latin. With German surtitles