Musical Appointments in the Festival Lounge, curated by Georg Steker (AT)

CLUB MOSAIK superdivers with Sekina Teyna, Özlem Bulut and Seba Kayan (GAME of AMBIVALENCE)

World premieres

Conclusion of the Community Music Project GAME of AMBIVALENCE in the framework of CLUB MOSAIK superdivers. The artists of the project invite you to informal improvisation and forensic political oriental techno by DJ Seba Kayan at the cultural centre 7*Stern.

The festival club MOSAIK at the Odeon Spitzer is a meeting place away from the music theatre projects of the programme and a 'coming together' space for artists and audiences in a relaxed atmosphere. In freely accessible musical sessions, artists from different festival productions come together or meet colleagues from Vienna's contemporary music and music theatre scene to offer insights into their approach to music creation.

Just as a mosaic is more than the sum of its individual parts, the MUSIKTHEATERTAGE WIEN is also more than the staged productions on show. Experience the people behind the works!

A production of the MUSIKTHEATERTAGE WIEN.


Sekina Teyna / Özlem Bulut / Seba Kayan / MUSIC*SCAPES


Cultural Centre 7*Star
Siebensterngasse 31, 1070 Vienna
  • Preis: Free admission
  • Information: Festival Club, Free Admission