Drinking Park | MTTW 2019

glanz&krawall (DE)


On the road with glanz&krawall

World Premiere

A co-production of Kleist Forum Frankfurt (Oder), MUSIKTHEATERTAGE WIEN and Schaubühne Lindenfels Leipzig.

René Rausch's Family, a wrecked troupe with deep ties to rock'n'roll, circus life and quackery, makes stops at alcohol hotspots with two junky vans: RAUSCH FOR LIFE is the name of their Traveling Medicine Show, which always oscillates between transfiguration and deterrence of the liquid drug. Mistaken for representatives of an abstinent performance group, René Rausch's Family was commissioned to develop an addiction prevention show. They did not object. Now they have the salad. Alcohol prevention with a beer in your hand - is that possible?

With their own numbers, singalongs and a synthesis of pop, electro and classical singing, an evening in the spirit of street music is created, embodied by three generations of performers. In the balancing act between self-destruction and norm fulfillment, this road show tries to get a big sip closer to the world formula and one's own emptiness within.

With TRINKERPARK, the music theater combo glanz&krawall develops a world premiere that celebrates the improvised, the fast, the fleeting, the rock'n'roll in music theater. After all, the world of musicians, jugglers, theater people (in short: the traveling folk) is a biotope for intoxication, excess and crash. Here, the special status of ethanol can be studied, which also applies to other areas of society: Those who drink (in moderation) are considered normal. But who actually benefits from our socially tolerated addiction and how could we use the drug without completely perishing from it?

Duration: 75 minutes, in German language

With: Stelina Apostolopoulou (soprano), Leonie Arnhold, Emilia Bartoschik, Madeleine Behrendt, Dennis Depta, Elmo (organ), Mira Campo Jastrzębski, Ingolf Müller-Beck, Arne Nitzsche, Phil Nemeth, Isabell Reisinger, Marielle Sterra. Drama: Ingolf Müller-Beck Electronic music, bass: Arne Nitzsche Dramaturgy, Schrammel guitar, keys: Dennis Depta Stage design assistance: Amelie Meier-Faust Songwriting, vocals, keys: Phil Nemeth Marketing: Franzi Penskem Stage & Costumes, Bar Service: Isabell Reisinger Direction, Toypiano & Mini Keyboard : Marielle Sterra Production Manager: Silvia Witte Theater Pedagogy & Bar Confessor: Leonie Arnhold Supported by theFonds Soziokultur and the Präventionsrat Berlin-Mitte in cooperation with the Department of Art, Culture and History of the District Office Mitte of Berlin as well as the Senate Department for the Interior and Sport