kassandra | MTTW 2022

Huihui Cheng (CHN), Anna Korsun (UKR), Katharina Roth (DE) | kassandra collective


A performance about the struggle for resonance of a tragic heroine

Austrian premiere

Cassandra's warnings are neither heard nor believed. With her voice and her struggle for resonance, she is at the centre of the performance around the mythological figure. Art, music, sculpture, theatre, ritual and installation intertwine for a tightrope walk between prophetic power and ineffective impotence, and truth sings with two voices in this interdisciplinary collective work. The mythical Cassandra, embodied by Julia Hagenmüller and Lena Spohn, opens up a sensually perceptible associative space for conflicts in the here and now. She stands for a female figure in whom we recognise ourselves one time and whom we like to listen to, but who scares us another time and whom we don't want to believe. Will we listen to her this time or get lost in a labyrinth of projection and reflection?

Composition: Huihui Cheng, Anna Korsun, Katharina Roth With: Julia Hagenmüller (soprano/performance), Lena Spohn (mezzo-soprano/performance) Direction, set, costume, sculpture: Kapitolina Tcvetkova Text: Kapitolina Tcvetkova, Kassandra Collective Video, lighting design: Kapitolina Tcvetkova Production management: Cassandra Collective Electronics, live electronics: Huihui Cheng, Isabella Forciniti Light & Video: Nicolas Brunelle Sound: Matthieu Fuentes Supported by: Cultural Office of the City of Stuttgart, NeustartKultur Music Fund, Impuls Neue Musik, HEAR - Haute école du Arts du Rhin, Bijloke Academy, Fonds Transfabrik 2022, Drac - Aide individuelle à la création, LOD (Gent), S.K.A.M Stuttgart, Kunstraum 34, Musiktheatertage Vienna


Photos: Nick Mangafas