HÖRBLICKE opens up perspectives

MTTW's new platform opens up perspectives and invites the audience to enter into exchange with the actors in front of and behind the stage.
HÖRBLICKE mediates between people and groups from the different contexts of the festival to get into conversation about aesthetic habits. We look forward to seeing you and to stimulating discourses!

For further information and questions contact Annemarie Mitterbäck (Head of Music Engagement & Placement) at am@mttw.at

Listening Workshops

The HÖRBLICKE workshops are aimed at schools, social institutions and all those who want to explore experimental art and music in order to experience something new. The focus here is on play, creative activity and trying things out! The workshop series VOR.MIT.NACH (the festival) is an invitation to experiment with new forms of musical theater.

  • R¡NGD!NG
    A group from the Billrothgymnasium experiments vocally with and without Scooter in collaboration with composer Thomas Desi. Sonically, these approaches are expanded into choreographed images with Romy Kolb.
    How does the transfer of Puccini's "La Bohème" into 21st century Berlin sound? Based on the punk opera by the music theater combo glanz&krawall, the workshops with the students of Sperl-gymnasium revolve around the themes of female empowerment and the precariat.
    Another collaboration takes place this year for the first time with the WUK Arbeitsassistenz. Together with the media artist Veronika Burger, the young people develop images and videos on the question of social norming. Another workshop during the rehearsal visit will become a space for reflection for the final editing of the sequences.

Listening Talks

HÖRBLICKE Talks as an invitation to think about other worlds of thought!

It's worth visiting the Wuk a little earlier this evening!
A short introductory impulse talk before the event Mitra.

  •  Sat. 24.09. at 19.00 on MITRA
    Impulse lecture with author and Univ.-Prof. DDr. Michael Lehofer. Based on the story of Mitra Kadivar, an Iranian psychoanalyst, the medical director of the LKH Graz talks about standardization and resistance and the references to art.

... as a round of talks following the event in exchange with the audience. In this context there is the possibility to look behind the creation in a relaxed atmosphere and to address open questions to the artists of the evening.

  • Thu, 15.09. to CHORNOBYLDORF
    With the artists and the anthropologist Dr. Martina Steiner. How do we deal with the unexpected? How do we remain capable of action in the midst of our created ruins? The process of creating Chornobyldorf in 2019 as a current mirror of time.
  • Sat. 17.09. to KASSANDRA
    With the composers Huihui Cheng and Katharina Roth and the director Kapitolina Tcvetkova. What does it mean to work collectively in an inter- and transdisciplinary way? Esther Holland-Merten leads through the conversation.
  • Thurs. 22.09. to LA BOHÈME SUPERGROUP
    With the actors and activists. Esther Holland Merten leads the conversation.
  • Sat. 24.09. to MITRA
    With the performers, the composer Eva Reiter and Dr. Michael Lehofer. Georg Steker will lead the conversation.

ThinkThank Mezzanine

After the festival is before the festival: A warm invitation to all those who want to continue thinking and feeling about the year! 

Current and past events will be reflected upon and future ideas will be spun.
Thoughts on the programs and events will be exchanged in a ThinkTank. Ideas will be taken up in order to develop them further in cooperation with the team of the Musiktheatertage Wien.

Interested in participating?
Contact us for more information and questions!