Drinking Park | MTTW 2019

glanz&krawall (DE)


On the road with glanz&krawall


A co-production of Kleist Forum Frankfurt (Oder), MUSIKTHEATERTAGE WIEN and Schaubühne Lindenfels Leipzig.

René Rausch's Family, a wrecked troupe with deep ties to rock'n'roll, circus life and quackery, stops off at alcohol hotspots with two junky vans: RAUSCH FOR LIFE is the name of their Traveling Medicine Show, which always oscillates between transfiguration and deterrence of the liquid drug. Mistaken for representatives of a performance group that lives abstinently, they got René Rausch's Family the assignment to develop an addiction prevention show. They did not object. Now they have the salad. Alcohol prevention with a beer in your hand - is that possible?

With their own numbers, singalongs and a synthesis of pop, electro and classical singing, the result is an evening in the spirit of street music, embodied by three generations of performers. In the balancing act between self-destruction and norm fulfilment, this road show tries to get a big sip closer to the world formula and one's own emptiness within. 

With TRINKERPARK develops the music theatre combo glanz&krawall a world premiere that celebrates the improvised, the fast, the fleeting, the rock'n'roll in musical theatre. After all, the world of musicians, jugglers, theatre people (in short: the travelling folk) is a biotope for intoxication, excess and crash. Here we can study the special status of ethanol, which also applies to other areas of society: Those who drink (in moderation) are considered normal. But who actually benefits from our socially tolerated addiction and how could we use the drug without completely perishing from it?

Duration: 75 minutes, in German

With:  Stelina Apostolopoulou (soprano), Leonie Arnhold, Emilia Bartoschik, Madeleine Behrendt, Dennis Depta, Elmo (organ), Mira Campo Jastrzębski, Ingolf Müller-Beck, Arne Nitzsche, Phil Nemeth, Isabell Reisinger, Marielle Sterra Drama: Ingolf Müller-Beck Electronic music, bass: Arne Nitzsche Dramaturgy, strummed guitar, keys: Dennis Depta Assistant Stage Manager: Amelie Meier-Faust Songwriting, vocals, keys: Phil Nemeth Marketing: Franzi Penskem Stage & Costumes, Bar Service: Isabell Reisinger Direction, Toypiano & Mini Keyboard Marielle Sterra Production: Silvia Witte  Theatre pedagogy & bar confessor: Leonie Arnhold Promoted by the Fonds Soziokultur and the Präventionsrat Berlin-Mitte in cooperation with the Department of Art, Culture and History of the Mitte District Office of Berlin and the Senate Department for the Interior and Sport.