glanz&krawall (DE)


A punk opera performance with a Berlin snout

Austrian premiere

glanz&krawall - the name says it all. This time, the music theatre combo couples opera with punk and beams Puccini's "La Bohème" into 21st century Berlin. Based on scenes from the melodrama and equipped with current feminist positions, the bohemians of the present between the precariat and stage art form the SUPERGROUP. Musically, glanz&krawall oppose Puccini's large romantic orchestra not only with synthesizers, bass, electric guitar, drum machine and electronics, but also with an unconventional cast: the voices, excluded from a still patriarchally structured (art and opera) world, make themselves heard, muddle and alienate the excerpts from the original part with different sound colours, deconstruct clichés with new songs and lyrics. "Female empowerment meets verismo, which not only creates a ruckus, but also gives Puccini a politically engaged sheen that suits him quite well.

Against being overlooked, the same old attributions and the narrowness of a male-dominated (art) world. BOHÈME- PUNK'S NOT DEAD!

Concept and artistic direction: Dennis Depta, Marielle Sterra (glanz&krawall) Directed by: Marielle Sterra Co-direction: Dennis Depta Music: Kat Papachristou (Tango with Lions) With: Dennis Depta, Monika Freinberger, Cora Frost, Jolene Holst, Manuela Langkowski, Kat Papachristou, Kara Schröder, Marielle Sterra Correpetition: Marinella Dell'Eva Stage: Lisa Buchholz, Robert Kraatz Costumes: Vanessa Vadineanu Assistant director, evening play director: Madeleine Behrendt Sound: Benjamin Graf Light: Loïc Iten, Elena Ruiz (Infrariot) Theatre Pedagogy / Workshops: Leonie Arnhold, Martin Jurk Sponsored by: Performing Arts Fund financed by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media


About glanz&krawall: Out of the black boxes, into the fray: glanz&krawall are working on their vision of a cross-disciplinary music theatre that blithely seeks confrontation with the rest of society. Entertainment in the sense of a state of suspension between seriousness and non-seriousness is nothing unserious for them, but a legitimate means of reaching people outside the theatre bubble. They do musical theatre and drama - from the high culture of opera to the poetic forlornness of a solo entertainer in the village disco. In this, they do not see a contradiction of skill but rather convey an egalitarianism of music that seeks Wagner in a junkyard as much as the fairground organ in opera. They are looking for music theatre that tells us something about the world we live in and the one we could live in. Since 2019, they have initiated the festival series "BERLIN is not..." In September 2022 they will launch the fun party "DEUTSCHE BIERTRINKERINNEN UNION" at the Volkstheater Rostock.

Press quote - The German Stage: "The music theatre collective glanz&krawall, which caused a stir in Berlin with the festival series "BERLIN is not ..." among other things, has once again taken its name seriously. Shortly before Christmas, Marielle Sterra and Dennis Depta put Giacomo Puccini's heartbreak evergreen "La Bohème" through the meat grinder and, in their very own way, strike sparks from the emotional powerhouse that Puccini's opera is always capable of igniting."  To the review