Michael Tiefenbacher (AT) / Anna Knapp (AT) / Georg Steker (AT) / Studio Dan (AT)


(Un)intentional encounters in city subways


With PASSAGIEREN, the public space of Vienna is explored in seemingly random music-theatrical encounters. A contemporary composition by Michael Tiefenbacher is transformed in a spatial choreography by Anna Knapp for musicians and performers into an artistic space for encounters with passers-by. 

PASSAGIEREN plays with the different movement rhythms and patterns of all those present, whether by chance or intentionally. The encounters of the "intentional" artists with the seemingly unintentional passers-by and those interested by chance create interactions in the course of the piece and silhouette-like patterns in the subdued light of the subway.

The musicians' paths through the space are planned and composed, those of the passers-by are reactive - do you stop and be curious or better move on quickly? Take out your mobile phone or just observe? Finally, the performers connect these dynamics and refer to the events in their physicality.

A co-production of Studio Dan and MUSIKTHEATERTAGE WIEN.

Information: Outdoor event, free admission


Access free of charge


Different passages and squares in Vienna

Thursday, 14 September: Passage Arena, Friedrich Engels Platz, 1200 Vienna
Friday, 15 September: Praterstern Passage, 1020 Vienna
Saturday, 16 September: Danube Island, Reichsbrücke subway, 1220 Vienna
Tuesday, 19 September: Danube Canal, Salztorbrücke subway, 1020 Vienna