Pizzeria Anarchia | MTTW 2015

Michaela Lucenti (IT) / Thomas C. Desi (AT)

Pizzeria Anarchia

Music and dance theatre about the right to housing


A co-production of Neuköllner Oper Berlin (DE), Teatro della Tosse, Genova (IT) and Balletto Civile (IT) and MUSIKTHEATERTAGE WIEN

The events surrounding the eviction of the "Pizzeria Anarchia" in Vienna's Mühlfeldgasse exactly one year ago still have legal repercussions today. Attic flats were put on top of the embattled Gründerzeit building, the last tenant will give up and make way for solvent owners or investors. The new music/dance theatre piece PIZZERIA ANARCHIA by the Italian group Balletto Civile, however, is not about retelling these facts. The search for a "universal dramaturgy" developed into a poetic reflection on current social events that asks more about emotions than facts, more about the relationships of those involved than the striking juxtaposition of "good guys and bad guys". In the inconstancy of perspectives and points of view lies the difficulty of evaluating social processes, keeping track of them and locating oneself in them. Who makes our opinion?

Choreography and staging: Michela Lucenti IdeaThomas Cornelius Desi ConceptMaurizio Camilli Michela Lucenti Dramaturgy: Bernhard Glocksin TextThomas Desi, Balletto Civile Music: Michael Emanuel Bauer Costumes and stage design: Chiara Defant WithBalletto Civile: Fabio Bergaglio, Maurizio Camilli, Ambra Chiarello, Michela Lucenti, Alessandro Pallecchi, Emanuela Serra, Demian Troiano, Benoit Pitre (baritone), Florian Bergmann (alto saxophone and bass clarinet) Alberto Cavenati (electric guitar) A coproduction by MUSIKTHEATERTAGE WIEN, Neuköllner Oper Berlin (DE), Teatro della Tosse, Genova (IT) and Balletto Civile (IT)