Thomas Cornelius Desi, Peter Koger


Smartphone Opera for the Public


A production of MUSIKTHEATERTAGE WIEN, ZOON (AT) and mediaopera (AT).

The [SMARTOPER] is an "opera" with and for the audience. The prerequisite is a smartphone (iPhone or Android). A specially designed app is available and will "conduct" the evening.
Anyone with the willingness to participate in a kind of opera can join in.

Since spring, followers of the project have co-created a tumblr blog on the topic of #benimmdich - behavioural rules and conduct in public spaces.
Elements of this blog have been incorporated into this first [SMARTOPER].

Duration approx. 45 minutes total.

Concept and artistic direction: Thomas Desi Concept and technical realisation: Peter Koger Social Media Campaign: Anne Aschenbrenner Artistic collaboration: Roman M. Müller One production by MUSIKTHEATERTAGE WIEN, ZOON (AT) and mediaopera (AT)