Peter Koger (AT)

An opera@home

Is our world drowning in plastic waste or is it all just scaremongering? Once again this year, countless experts from the internet are meeting at a "conference of collapsologists" to explore the controversial question of whether the tipping point has long since been passed or whether our world can still be saved.

"Try this at home! Take a seat in front of your computer and become part of the KOLLAPSOLOGIE III conference. Use the anonymity of the Internet to make your contributions, to comment, to call in, to dance along. And please: Wear shoes.

While the conference participants are hopefully working on strategies to overcome the crisis, the experts connected from the internet seem to be arguing from the perspective of a long lost civilisation. Are they perhaps even the inhabitants of the legendary sunken garbage patch? Should we take their blubbering seriously?

The online opera ATLANTIS (opera@home) sees itself as a symbiotic counterpart to the live opera DAS ATMEN der OZEANE taking place at the same time. These two performances are connected on many levels and are mutually dependent. Together they form a hybrid opera.

The audience participates via an internet application (https://atlantis.mttw.at) take part in the performance, so participation is not tied to a physical location; creating a globally networked experimental theatre space.

Duration: approx. 60 min.
Note: Online event. The active participation of the visitors is an essential part of the performance.