in partnership with Music Theatre Now


19-22 September 2023

The Creators Connection Programme is an international platform for dialogue and exchange that brings together emerging artists in contemporary music theatre. At regular meetings, they reflect on current developments in the genre, hold workshops and discuss the development of their own projects and possibilities for collaboration. For this purpose, the group is invited to selected events, festivals, conferences of the participating partner institutions.

The aim of the Creators Connection programme is to strengthen the development of participants on an artistic, production and dissemination level and to promote mutual inspiration between artists from different backgrounds.

Music Theatre NOW strives to be the leading global network of musical theatre producers and artists. Through the biennial global competition and Creators Connection Programme, contemporary music theatre is promoted as today's most vibrant transdisciplinary art form that addresses current issues and explores new aesthetics.

Together with our network partners Gare du Nord (CH), Operomanija (LIT) and O. Festival Rotterdam (NL), MUSIKTHEATERTAGE WIEN see themselves in a forward-looking responsibility towards the next generation in this field. We are convinced that, in addition to the academic institutions, it is especially the organisers and producers who have the task of promoting and accompanying young artists. And we are very happy to do so!

ARTISTS of the Creators Connection Program 2023/24
Ferenc Balcaen (BE), Chloé Bieri (FR/CH), Léo Collin (FR/CH), Marie Delprat (FR/CH),
Sieves Thijs (BE), Kapitolina Tsvetkova (RU/FR), Mees Vervuurt (NL)