Georg Nussbaumer (AT)

Installative sound performance with bottles and liquids

In this performative installation, the bottle is the central sound and scenic medium. The visual-sound space created with rolling water bottles, with a structured floor and with light becomes a bacchanalian game with the audience. A nocturnal, nautical scene, an expedition of lost empty bottle mail or a barcarole for the passage into the underworld?

Kicking a glass bottle lying on the floor triggers an expected sound and at the same time the idea for a composition: Unexpectedly, the base score for a restrained-sounding theatre of rolling bottles is discovered, the texture of concrete, wood and metal as a notation of the intrinsic sound of the space. The spirit escapes from the rolling bottle: rowing towards the underworld, it leaves "solid land", sets liquids in motion, creates sounds and atmosphere and ultimately plunges not into the world of Hades, but into that of Dionysus.

While in IRRLICHT partially filled water bottles are rolled across the floor with oars by charontic 'ferrymen', in RAUSCHORGEL the audience itself blows tones on wine bottles, which become deeper and deeper because of repeated drinking - whereas the mood rises. All acoustic processes are almost imperceptibly transformed electronically: rustling and crackling.

"With the transition from water to wine, the bottles straighten up and become organ pipes. The red of the will-o'-the-wisp is set in the wine. Delicate electro-acoustic eavesdropping gives rise to a reflection of the processes of the purely acoustic, the invisible. A web that can only ever be an echo and a shadow."
- Georg Nussbaumer

Duration: 90 min.
Introduction: German, English
Note:Alcohol is part of the performance and is served during the show. Non-alcoholic options available.



Ticket: Category 2

Full price € 22 | Reduced: € 12

WUK Projektraum

Währinger Straße 59, 1090 Vienna