Jorge Sánchez-Chiong, Thomas J. Jelinek


Postdramatic music theater by Jorge Sánchez-Chiong and Thomas J. Jelinek

World Premiere

A co-production of NOMAD.theater and MUSIKTHEATERTAGE WIEN, in cooperation with mediaOpera, Tanzquartier Wien and ZENTRALWERK Dresden.

A post-dramatic musical theater of negotiation of our present against the world crisis scenario of disintegration, along the narrative lines of authentic characters.

We write history every day, each of us creates reality. Every minute.
Every second entropy increases. Disorder, discontinuity, disinformation, dissolution and disintegration create concrete entropic phenomena. Destabilization of Europe, of the social fabric, corruption, climate change, suicide bombers, war create depression, ADHD in young people, disorientation, burnout, weakness in decision making. People are becoming increasingly involved, but just as many are taking refuge in repression and the fun society.

In an interactive installation that creates a communicative and musical resonance space through the active presence of the audience, a fractal of our present is created. A contemporary opera.

More about the piece also at: www.nomade-theatre.eu

Artistic direction, installation and system architecture: Thomas J. Jelinek Composition and sound architecture: Jorge Sánchez-Chiong Technical conception, video: Peter Koger Sound engineeringFlorian Bogner Dramaturgy and production: Georg Steker Text, discourse dramaturgy, actors: Marian Kaiser Cello and voice: Marie Spaemann aka MELA Sound art and programming: Pit Noack Photographic body installation: Christina Hartl-Prager Performers, mathematics: Max Hoffmann Conceptual installation, economics: Gerald Nestler Cryptography, Feminist Discourse: Lucie Strecker Co-composition, guitar: Florian Kmet Technical installation and game programming: Thomas Wagensommerer Video, performer: Louise Linsenbolz Multi-percussion, soundscape development: David Christopher Panzl Guest experts: Hanada Al Refai (mathematician, political activist, from Syria, as a refugee in Vienna) Margarete Jahrmann (media artist, professor at the Kunstuniversität Zürich) Stefan Glasauer (neuroscientist, professor at Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich) Armin Medosch (artist, media expert, journalist, professor at the University of Media and Arts Belgrade)