Teresa Doblinger (AT), Alexandra Radoulova (BG/AT), Yulan Yu (CN/AT)

An urban soundscape in motion

A graphic notation by Roman Haubenstock-Ramati spreads across 70m2 of stage carpet in various locations in Vienna's urban space, becoming the starting point for a captivating fusion of urban art, contemporary music and performance. The spontaneous participation of passers-by, ranging from conscious movement to being moved, constantly gives the artwork new life and new form.

What do you do when you suddenly come across an oversized music performance in the middle of a public space during your daily walk - stop and watch with curiosity, immediately take a different path, be there and surrender to the course of the piece? In this field of tension between planned performance, improvisation and spontaneous interaction, "STRASSENWANDLER:IN" creates a fascinating world in which performers and audiences can explore contemporary art together and yet autonomously. 

Yulan Yu's 15-minute music theatre piece "Wegwandler:in" and the graphic composition "La Sonnambula" by Roman Haubenstock-Ramati printed on the stage floor form the heart of the production. From this, the musicians and performers develop an interdisciplinary experience that is intended to connect, invite and, above all, bring joy.

"We particularly want to reach people who normally have no point of reference to contemporary performative art and its stages. An unplanned moment of attention gives them a glimpse into a world that is not commonplace."
- Doblinger/Radoulova/Yu

Duration: 60 min.
Note: Free admission, outdoor event

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Free admission

Public space in Vienna

Yppenplatz, 1160 Vienna Reumannplatz, 1100 Vienna