Roman Grygoriv, Illia Razumeiko | Opera Aperta (UKR)


A dystopia caught up in the brutal reality of war

Austrian premiere

A co-production of Opera Aperta, Proto Produkciia and MUSIKTHEATERTAGE WIEN

Opera is dead. Philosophy is dead. So is capitalism. The descendants of a humanity that has survived a series of catastrophes roam among the ruins of reactors, in shattered theatres, abandoned churches and galleries. With classical and traditional singing and through the mimesis of well-known performance rituals, the inhabitants of "CHORNOBYLDORF" approach a lost world and try to rebuild the destroyed civilisation. In seven acts, this "opera aperta" confronts the post-apocalypse with multimedia: cinematographic video works of post-industrial landscapes flow into the play with universal symbolism and create a dystopian scenery that extends beyond the physically perceptible performance location and is spun further in virtual space. "CHORNOBYLDORF" engages in fictional future archaeology that comes frighteningly close to reality due to the harrowing events of the recent present.

Music, libretto, direction, dramaturgy, scenography: Roman Grygoriv, Ilia Razumeiko TextsYurii Izdryk, Publii Ovidii Nazon, Ivan Kotlyarevskyy, Razumeiko Ilia With: Marichka Shtyrbulova (The Little Accordion Girl), Mariia Potapenko (Urania), Khrystyna Slobodianiuk (Elektra), Anna Rudenko (Hannah), Diana Ziabchenko (Daphne), Yuliia Alieksieieva (Venere), Evgeny Malofeev (Ulysses) Nazgul Shukaeva (Inanna), Evhen Bal (Orfeo), Ihor Boichuk (Haron | percussion, trumpet, trombone, flute), Zoltan Almashi (Zoltan | cello, Morin-Khuur, percussion), Roman Grygoriv (Aristoxenos | microtonal dulcimer, guitar), Illia Razumeiko (Pythagoras | microtonal bandura, guitar) Artists in video novelsSusanna Karpenko, Anne Bennent, Yuriy Izdryk, Oleksii Zaets, Andrey Nadolskyi, Andrey Koshman, Ruslan Kirsh, Anna Kirsh, Maryanna Golovko. ProductionOlga Diatel, Georg Steker Costume and installation designKateryna Markush ChoreographyKhrystyna Slobodianiuk CameraDenis Melnyk Second camera and editingAnna Sorokolit Musical instrument designerEvhen Bal Live electronicsGeorgiy Potopalskiy Live videoDmytro Tentiuk Rhea-Player creationWinfried Ritch Concert Sound DirectorVyacheslav Sobolev Sound Director of the recordingAndrii Nidzelskyy Lighting DirectorMariia Volkova, Svitlana Smieieva Stage ManagerVolodymyr Bukrovets


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